Home Bullous pemphigoid (BP): Mucus membrane pemphigoid

Bullous pemphigoid (BP): Mucus membrane pemphigoid


Defining Characteristics

Red line along gingivial sulcus (white picket fence), no scarring.

Disease Development

Autoimmune blistering disorder where antibodies are directed at hemidesmosomes (sub-basal) so loss of epidermal attachment to basement membrane

Potential Causes

Autoantibodies against BPAG2, laminins, integrins


Histology? Subepidermal blister (white space btwn epidermis & dermis) (sub-basal split), healthy epidermis, +eosinophils (pink)
Dx confirmed w/ immunofluorescent Abs


Oral form of Mucus Membrane Pemphigoid has better prognosis (very little scarring)