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Defining Characteristics

PRURITIC, thread like linear burrows produced by the tunneling of the mite; can have erythematous papules; commonly seen on wrists, genitals, waistline, axilla, web spaces

Disease Development

Eruption caused by tunneling of mite in stratum corneum that causes delayed type IV hypersensitivity response and diffuse pruritic eruption after 4-8 weeks
Transmitted via skin-skin contact or contact with fomites

Potential Causes

Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis

Risk factors

Nursing home residents Children
Close contact areas


Histology? Mites (ovals) in stratum corneum
Mineral oil prep? Mites with oval gray eggs and fecal pellets

Conventional Treatment

Topical creams (scabicides)
treatment of fomites and close contacts
can use oral anti-parasitic if severe (ivermectin)


Rare (psychological burden?)