Verruca vulgaris

defining characteristics

Verrucus (bumpy/rough), hyperkeratotic skin colored papules; usually asymptomatic unless 2ndary infection/inflammation

disease development

Infection of basal layer of skin with HPV (dsDNA virus), resulting in the slow division of cells in the spinous layer; eventually leads to hyperkeratosis and papillomatosis
Transmitted from skin to skin contact, autoinoculation, contaminated surfaces

potential causes

HPV 2, 4


VERY common 20% of kids have at some time

risk factors

Often none HIV
Organ transplantation


Histology? Hyperkeratosis of epidermis and granular layer, inward bending of rete ridges, papillomatosis (fingerlike projections of epithelia)
Clinical Bx (rare)
DNA testing to determine type of HPV present

conventional treatment

Spontaneously resolution (SLOW)
Various OTC tx modalities that aren’t all that effective (Salicylic acid, imiquimod, duct tape)
Paring Cryosurgery
Podophyllin (topical chem agent)


Possible some HPV types are cancer-forming