Do Vaccines Really Protect Us from Diseases?

Nurse places a bandage on female teenage patient's arm after administering a flu shot. The patient's dad is sitting next to her

With the alarming incidents of deaths allegedly connected to the Dengvaxia vaccine, how can we be sure that other vaccines can aid parents in keeping their children healthy? According to the vaccine manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, 10% of the 800 students who were immunized with Dengvaxia without prior dengue infection now ironically face a contracting “severe disease.” Sadly, the failure of vaccines is not limited to the Philippine context alone, but also is rampant in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

The vaccine injury compensation program in the United States (dubbed as the “Vaccine Court”) has already paid out over $3 billion damage awarded to families of “damaged children” who were maimed or killed by vaccines. This is constituted to the revelation of the recent studies conducted to test the efficacy of vaccines in the United States. Two false claims were now identified in connection to vaccination; (1) that all vaccines work all the time on all people, and (2) vaccines pose no risks whatsoever and are always safe for everyone.

These claims are contrary to the recent incidents happening in the US nowadays. Cases of deaths and paralysis were reported and listed at the government-run VAERS database where there are at least 144 children who are confirmed killed after being vaccinated in the year 2016. There was a case where a 9-year-old girl went blind and paralyzed after 2 days of receiving flu shot. She is now paralyzed from the waist down and completely blind.

Other news also revealed that the Hepatitis B vaccine routinely kills newborns from system shock while it has been scientifically identified that risks of autism is also linked to vaccines. This is due to the fact that vaccines contain mercury, a natural occurring element found in air, water, and soil. According to the World Health Organization, exposure to mercury, even in small amounts, may cause serious health problems. Modern-day scientists also have provided evidence of mercury’s toxicity for decades, giving focus on the metal’s association to a neurodevelopmental disorder called autism spectrum disorder.

The government of the United Kingdom, on the other hand, recently agreed to pay $90 million to the victims of swine flu vaccine. This is due to the incident where over 800 children across Europe had permanent brain damage caused by the vaccine. The truth is also now revealed in the UK – vaccines regularly harm and kill innocent children because of the toxic chemicals and preservatives they contain.

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