Gardasil’s HPV Shots Cause Severe Damage to Teenage Girls Bodies

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The first time I heard of Human papillomavirus (HPV) was when I was in college. I thought it was the HIV-AIDS virus! It freaked me out initially but later on, I learned it was a sexually transmitted disease and the only form of cancer known to be contagious through physical contact. But what doctors and other medical professionals don’t tell the parents of teenagers and preteens is that the HPV virus is easily preventable and cured by a “normal functioning immune system”.

Of the 120 and more different strains of the HPV virus, only 15 types are toxic. On the other hand, the so-called HPV Vaccines that have been hyped up for years have never been totally proven to be safe or effective in any clinical trial – somewhat similar to the relatively new but controversial dengue vaccine called Dengvaxia.

If you have been reading the online news lately, you would have read about the Philippine government’s botched Anti-Dengue Vaccination Program which was stopped when Sanofi, the company manufacturing Dengvaxia, “forgot” to inform the government that Dengvaxia can only be administered to children and teens “who have never had the dengue virus previously”. This was just one of the many millions of unsuspecting victims of these vaccines that were manufactured by Big Pharma for neurological poisoning.

Big Pharma use scare tactics to bully parents to vaccinate their girls

Big Pharma has also been bullies when it comes to hard selling their vaccines to a lot of consumers, particularly parents (something similar to what Dengvaxia has done with 9-years-old children’s and older). But to force-vaccinate girls as young as 9-years-old with sodium chloride and 2 versions of the dormant HPV cancers hidden in the protein and GMOs.

Look at the images and scare tactics that conventional doctors and Big Pharma are conveying to you in terms of messages: “You won’t be able to have children if you get cervical cancer!”, “This vaccine will prevent cancer.”, “You need this vaccine so you can have children later in life!”. The propaganda is just immense!

So perhaps you’re not aware that for every HPV vaccine is a couple of strains of a rather weak and benign, pre-cancerous STD. And even though the protection effect of that HPV vaccine lasts only for a few years, you probably already exposed your children and teens to a vaccine that could drastically impact their lives for the worse!

So here’s the story: more than 10,000 adverse events have been reported by victims of the HPV vaccine scam – and the reports are not pretty. Results range from blood clots in the heart and lungs, loss of muscle use, seizures, anaphylactic shock, etc. Basically, most infections from HPV are benign and can be cleared by the human immune system, thereby not leading to cervical cancer. So there is really no reason for administering the HPV vaccine to young girls and young women.

So what makes HPV vaccines like Gardasil (manufactured by Merck) and Cervarix (made by Glaxo SmithKline) so dangerous?

Answer:  These vaccines are made with “weaker” forms and strains of the virus. If you get the virus later, how do you know that you got it from the weaker strain in your vaccine?

Previous studies about this HPV vaccine revealed that Gardasil contains sodium chloride, aluminum, Polysorbate 80, and I-histidine, the latter one interferes with the brain’s defenses against metal toxins. This means the aluminum can cross the blood-brain barrier which might also lead to brain damage. Aren’t you wondering why there are thousands of girls who are permanently damaged by HPV vaccines?

The following are sample cases of girls permanently damaged by HPV vaccines:

Case History #1:  13-year-old Girl from Norway has half her face paralyzed due to Gardasil vaccine

Caroline, now 15 years old, used to cycle, run and play football. At 13 years old, two nurses force-vaccinated Caroline with Gardasil (one holding her down while the other injected her with the vaccine) even though her mother refused her being vaccinated. Just a few days after, Caroline’s face became paralyzed. Doctors blamed Caroline’s condition to the fact that she was grieving for her grandmother (who by the way died six months earlier).

Caroline got only 1 of 3 HPV inoculations. Currently, she feels pain throughout her body, suffers from poor memory and heart palpitations, and has breathing difficulties. Mostly now bedridden, she can’t walk or cycle much too.

The nurses who did the vaccination told her parents not to tell others about Caroline’s case for fear of scaring other children.

Case History #2:  Athletic 13-year-old girl’s menstrual period ends after Gardasil inoculation

The event that changed 13-year-old Laura’s life occurred in late 2014 when as a straight A and healthy student and volleyball player, she got her Gardasil shot. Afterwards, she had her first period then never had it after that.  After a second HPV injection, Laura got headaches, constipation, brain fog, nausea, and extreme abdominal pains.

Worse, Laura’s pediatrician goaded her parents to get the third HPV injection in order to protect her from cancer (considering that you have to have physical intimacy and sexual relations to have the HPV virus, I wonder how a 13 year old girl could have cancer at that stage?), her parents agreed for the doctor to give her the 3rd inoculation.

After the third Gardasil injection, Laura’s skin turned greenish, her hair started falling out and she started to have intolerable muscle spasms wherein she couldn’t play volleyball anymore. After the 3rd inoculation, she was hospitalized for a whole week while her parents consulted 7 doctors who started having MRIs and CAT SCANS and prescribed anti-seizure medicines.

All along, the doctors never linked all Laura’s symptoms to the Gardasil vaccine.

Case History #3:  Sydney Weggen of Iowa got a Gardasil injection along with a Tdap vaccine and became anemic and one of her lungs filled with fluid.

A very energetic kid before the Gardasil vaccine injection, 11-year-old Sydney received 3 Gardasil injections just a few months apart. She could no longer dance now, which was something she used to love doing. Her parents spent US$20,000 on medical tests, lost over 20 pounds and got a stint put into her lung to drain fluid to keep it functioning. Sydney almost died from those injections.

Case History #4:  Kate, 19, died after suffering horrible pain for 3 years after Gardasil inoculation

The film “Vaxxed” tells of all the stories of parents and their children who were given vaccines like Gardasil and changed their life — horribly mostly – forever. One such story is 19-year-old Kate who was a star athlete but suffered horrible pain for 3 years before she died.

There are many stories and many cases of HPV inoculation gone wrong. My advice to everyone, especially to parents, to skip the vaccines and let your children and teens just take all-natural, organic vegetables and fruits to keep them healthy. Don’t wait until your children and teenagers have to experience the same kind of pain, heartbreak, and diseases these children in the stories had to endure – and neither one of those diseases had anything to do with HPV!